Education & Schools

Iowa has always ranked among the top states for the best education and test scores. With 93 colleges and universities, we also take higher education very seriously in our state.

Hiawatha residents are part of the Cedar Rapids Community School District, the second largest district in the state of Iowa.

In Hiawatha, you'll appreciate our professional daycare services, safe and high-quality elementary schools, Vernon Middle School, and a high school near the community. In addition, you can choose from several very fine private and parochial schools.

Kirkwood Community College — with a convenient Hiawatha location through the Linn County Regional Center — offers continuing education, dual credits, summer camps for students, professional development, training, and dozens of certification programs.

Quality schools are good for the community, enhance your business by providing a skilled workforce, and include reasonable property values. In Hiawatha, we value education and the opportunities it presents. HEDCO welcomes you to tour our excellent school system.

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