Veteran Friendly Community

Hiawatha is proudly an official city supporter of the Home Base Iowa Program. To help veterans transition after they have completed their honorable dedication to our country, HBI will connect veterans with resources to connect them to Iowa employers like Hiawatha companies or with educational options.

To find their next job efficiently, veterans can create a profile where they list their basic personal information, job history including military history and preferred industry they want to work in. Once the profile is published, employers who have similar preferences of location and industry will be notified with the individual’s profile.

In addition, HBI has over 2,100 partners who can access all the veteran’s profiles and filter their searches to what they need to fulfill an open position. Employers can pinpoint an applicant’s skills they are needing. Watch this video to see how employers find their next employee.

Employers aren’t the only ones who can search for who they are looking for; veterans can also look for companies. According to HBI, around 200,000 military members exit the military every year, and all of them have the option to go to college and possess their individual skills to add to the workforce.

If veterans are interested in attending college, HBI has connections to help ease the transition to soldier to student. Iowa colleges who are classified as Certified Higher Academic Military Partners (CHAMPs) will provide on-campus veteran resources, military transitional considerations and financial considerations. See HBI’s map to easily find colleges in your location.

The difference between HBI and other job sites is it is specifically geared towards veterans. They defended our country, so it’s only right to provide them with a dependable job or educational options after separating from the military. HBI will help veterans create their new life after the military. If you are interested in becoming a HBI partner, create an account today to jumpstart veterans civilian lives today.

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