Hiawatha Business Summits

Hiawatha Business Summits are an opportunity for Hiawatha area businesses to gather for a time of networking and education! This informal gathering, hosted at a local business, provides attendees the opportunity to develop new contacts, enjoy a light breakfast and learn more about a topic of interest to Hiawatha businesses. Recap with our most recent Summits in the videos below.

Hiawatha Business Summit- 08/22/2023

This Hiawatha Business Summit focuses on “The Global Economy – A Discussion on Reshoring and Supply Chain”, which took place on Tuesday, August 22 at World Class Industries. The panelists expand on how local businesses are working with international dynamics related to reshoring, immigration, deglobalization, and supply chain impacts.

Hiawatha Business Summit- 05/23/2023

Brooke Easton of Easton Design spoke about what’s happening on the macro level with AI, and new technology trends along with where they are being utilized. She also explained how AI can be used immediately in just about any company with ChatGPT.

Hiawatha Business Summit- 02/21/2023

In this session, area professionals Amy Lasack, Kirkwood Executive Director of Continuing Education & Training Services, Deb Dirks, Former Director of Human Resources for Crystal Group, Hollie Trenary, Director of Human Resources for Crystal Group, and Laura Seyfer, Workforce Specialist with The Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance discuss changes in the workforce and how to attract and retain talent.

Hiawatha Business Summit- 12/06/2022

In this session, Iowa’s top Economic Development Leader, Debi Durham. Director for the Iowa Economic Development Authority, chatted with local Hiawatha and Corridor Economic Development Leaders about current growth in Iowa and the local area, as well as set the stage for what we will see in 2023, when it comes to the local jobs market and business growth opportunities.

Hiawatha Business Summit- 9/6/2022

In this session, Stuart Anderson, Iowa DOT Transportation Development Division Director; Catherine Cutler, Iowa Department of Transportation, Transportation Planner for District 6; and Sally Stutsman, Iowa Department of Transportation Commissioner, discuss what is on the horizon for infrastructure advancements.

Hiawatha Business Summit- 6/21/2022

In this session, Quinn Pettifer (The Gazette), Anthony Arrington (Top Tank Talent Solutions), and Al O’Bannon (LBA Journey) discuss examples/initiatives that have helped drive DEI efforts forward, and how you can implement them at your organization.