As part of ICR IOWA, Hiawatha is a business-friendly and flourishing community. With a highly-educated workforce, Hiawatha is an ideal place to find employees for your company needs.

A recent study shows that the top occupations in the Corridor include management, office support, education, healthcare, production, and sales.

There's a place for everyone in Hiawatha and a qualified workforce to fill your staffing needs. Of those who are currently employed here, nearly 22 percent are willing to change jobs. More than 13 percent are working multiple jobs.

In the Corridor, those who are currently unemployed are eager to work. In fact, a full 61 percent wish to find meaningful careers. And our workforce is educated: 60 percent have education beyond high school and nearly 22 percent have a bachelor's degree. In Hiawatha alone, more than 43 percent have a college degree or higher.

The ICR IOWA is home to many colleges and universities as well as Kirkwood Community College, a large two-year college that offers dozens of certification and training programs. Kirkwood's Workplace Learning Connection — as well as their Training and Outreach Services — provides invaluable assistance for all your employment and staffing needs.

Whether you seek full-time, part-time, or seasonal employees, you'll find qualified workers ready to accept new opportunities and new challenges. You'll appreciate our many business incentives. For more information about our workforce, please click here.

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