Think of an industry and you're likely to find it in Hiawatha. Why? We provide a welcoming environment to everyone who wishes to start a business, expand, or relocate to our community. We believe in strong economic and business development throughout the area.

Our generous land development program — coupled with our business assistance and professional partnerships — make Hiawatha the perfect place to meet all your company goals.

People like doing business with us. In Hiawatha, we've successfully attracted a wide variety of industries. Here you'll find non-profits, healthcare providers, restaurants, manufacturers, insurers, contractors, branding and development agencies, wealth management strategists, retailers, and so much more.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs have always found a welcome home in Hiawatha. We provide the ideal location for commercial and light industrial businesses, including data centers, rugged computer and software military equipment, education, medicine, and technology companies.

Learn about the many advantages of doing business in Hiawatha, Iowa. Contact HEDCO today.

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