Oscar’s Restaurant – Hiawatha Business Success Story

Oscar’s opened its doors in Hiawatha July of 1994 and has stayed in the same location because of its dedicated customers. For over 30 years, Oscar’s has stayed in business because of their consistent hard work and dedication to making sure every customer walks out happy and satisfied. Christina Chalhoub, a head waitress at Oscar’s, talks about how Oscar’s got started, their worth ethic, and why Hiawatha is home.

About the Company

In 1981, Uncle Oscar started the restaurant in Cedar Rapids, eventually passing ownership to George and Marie in 1988. Years later, in July of 1994, Oscar’s relocated to Hiawatha to begin a new chapter for their business. George and Marie are the reason for all of your satisfaction when you walk into Oscar’s. Not only are they the owners, but they are also the cooks that are making sure every customer gets exactly what they expect. When you walk into Oscar’s, you are greeted with a familiar face and a freshly cooked meal. Oscar’s loves giving back to the community because of how much support they have been given over the years. This is the reason why Hiawatha will always be Oscar’s home.

Where to Find Them

You can find Oscar’s Family Dining at 768 North Center Point Rd.