NRG Media – Hiawatha Business Success Story

NGR Media is a company headquartered in Cedar Rapids which has grown into markets throughout the midwest. They recently made Hiawatha the home for three of their stations: KFMW Rock 108, 105.7 KOKZ and KXEL. Chair and CEO Mary Quass talks about how the company began, their focus on community and why they chose Hiawatha.

About the Company

Mary Quass started her media career by purchasing a radio station in Cedar Rapids. The company eventually grew to operating over 500 radio stations across the nation. Mary then realized her heart was still with the people and communities of the midwest. She came back to start a midwest-based media company which eventually turned into NRG Media. NRG Media has continued to grow since its formation; today, it operates 47 radio stations in 10 different markets across the midwest. As a company that believes in the importance of local communities, NRG Media knew Hiawatha would be the perfect fit for three of their radio stations that were relocating to the Corridor area from downtown Waterloo. The expansion and vitality of Hiawatha was also compelling and helped drive their decision.

Where to Find Them

The stations are located on 1065 N. Center Point Rd.