Upcoming Business Summits

HEDCO is pleased to announce the topics for the upcoming Hiawatha Business Summits in 2023. Join us for the Q1 “Working 9 to 5 ????!!” on February 21, the Q2 Technology panel on May 23, the Q3 Economic Trends discussion on August 22, and the Q4 Happy Hour about Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) on November 21.

At the Q1 “Working 9 to 5 ????!!”, panelists from large and small companies will review how work culture has changed and weigh in on topics that remain at top of mind for the business community.

Q2 places an emphasis on technology and how recent developments in artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, and cyber security may affect business owners.

Q3 panelists provide insight on topics such as reshoring and deglobalization and how these trends may shape our economic future.

The Q4 Happy Hour panel dives into how to use Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) as a business opportunity and better target environmentally-conscious consumers.

Mark your calendars and register for the Hiawatha Business Summits today.