HEDCO Endorses Local Option Sales and Services Tax

The local options sales and services tax is a critical part of funding the continued growth and development of the City of Hiawatha. Voters in Hiawatha, and throughout Linn County, are being asked to vote on extending the tax that would begin on July 1, 2024 and continue through June 30, 2034. Should the tax be approved, it is estimated that approximately $10 million dollars will be generated during that period to help meet the City’s future capital needs.

Continue Property Tax Relief:

City has reduced levy rate over multiple years.

Street Improvements:  

Visitors and commuters help fund necessary improvements to Hiawatha’s important infrastructure, including arterial street re-pavement/replacement, water, sewer and storm sewer upgrades.

Future Roadway-Trail Extension: 

Tower Terrace Road to Highway 13 and Edgewood Road from Blairs Ferry Road to County Home Road.

Matching Federal Funds: 

Utilized for various projects, public safety, and roadways.

Neighborhood Improvements:

The City is committed to using Local Option revenue to invest in neighborhoods throughout Hiawatha, quality-of-life trails, parks, and recreational activities.

Public Safety Improvements and Expenditures: 

To better serve our growing city, Local Option revenue will be used to fund public safety enhancements, including a second fire station, addressing community mental health needs and wellness.

Disaster Recovery:  

Replacing lost tree canopy and upgrading backup infrastructure equipment.

The HEDCO Board reminds voters that this important election will be held on November 2, 2021.