Hiawatha’s Complete Emergency Room

Did you know that Hiawatha now has access to a standalone emergency room? The opening of a new emergency facility at the Mercy Medical Park on Boyson Road is one of the best things to happen for our community in 2020. The Mercy Emergency Department also marks the first standalone emergency room in the state of Iowa!

As of August 2020, the Mercy Emergency Department provides easy access to a 24/7 emergency room minutes away from where we live and work. Located at 1195 Boyson Road right by I-380, residents and local workers can all get emergency treatment faster than ever. Just drive up to the emergency room entrance, which is located along 12th Avenue. The ambulance can also take people to the Mercy Emergency Room.

The Mercy Emergency Room is open 24 hours a day, every day, eliminating the need to take the interstate 15 minutes away to the downtown hospital emergency departments. Now, when the kids get rowdy or someone falls and gets hurt, all you have to do is go to the Mercy Emergency Department. It’s always open for broken bones, stroke symptoms, injuries, breathing problems, chest pain, severe pain, and other urgent medical situations.

The services provided here are the same as those provided at the emergency departments in the hospitals. They provide complete emergency treatment, including exams, x-rays, ultrasound, lab work and pharmacy services. If you need to be admitted to the hospital, you can be transferred to Mercy Medical Center at no cost.

Wondering if you need emergency or urgent care? Review the details about which type of care to choose from Mercy Medical Center.

If you have questions about the Mercy Emergency Room, take a look at some answers about the facility and its emergency medical services.

The next time you’re driving by the Mercy Medical Park, slow down for a look at the Mercy Emergency Room entrance on North 12th Avenue by Boyson Road. Then, you’ll be ready to find your way to the entrance of the facility if you ever need emergency medical treatment.

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