Hiawatha Supports The Home Base Iowa Program

Enduring training, battling through horrific war zones and working far from familiar surroundings, veterans have put their lives and health at risk for this nation. Coming home with battle wounds—visible and hidden—soldiers have to learn to adapt to a normal way of living again; by using Home Base Iowa (HBI) resources, veterans can transition easier.

What is Home Base Iowa?

HBI is a program that alleviates stress for our returning heroes because it links Iowa businesses with veterans so they can find a job and it also has connections at Iowa colleges that are Certified Higher Academic Military Partners (CHAMPs).

Our veterans protected our nation by dedicating their time and life to our nation’s purpose—to be free, so as a small example of our gratefulness, Hiawatha has become a career connection with the HBI program. With our expansive range of businesses, veterans can surely find a position that relates to their interests.

How does it work?

By creating a profile about themselves that shares their basic personal information, job history, and interests, veterans can be found by HBI-connected employers. Based on the employer’s preferences, they can create alerts for individuals in a specific location or interested industry. Veterans can also search to find the right job opportunity for them.

Not only does the program help veterans find jobs, it can also assist them in finding the right college for their interests. Since the Cedar Rapids area has colleges that are CHAMPs, veterans who attend those colleges will find on-campus veteran resources, military transitional considerations and financial considerations.

Returning to normalcy

Welcoming our troops home with employment and education options allows them to start fresh and continue their life. Hiawatha thanks veterans for their service and looks forward to helping soldiers become happy and successful veterans.

Read more on our Veteran Friendly Community page where we highlight the Home Base Iowa Program, what it means for the veterans in our community, and show how veterans can get signed up for the program. Or visit the Home Base Iowa website to learn more.