Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT) visits Hiawatha

Since the Iowa Department of Transportation decided to approve the construction of a new interchange on I-380 for Tower Terrace Road, Hiawatha residents and businesses have been counting down the days until the project officially begins.

Outspoken stakeholders in the project have persistently advocated for construction to begin ahead of the 20-22 proposed start date if possible, ensuring this portion of Iowa’s Five-Year Highway Program is ahead of schedule.

In March, Director Mark Lowe and Chief Engineer Mitch Dillavou of the State of Iowa Department of Transportation joined local I-D-O-T representative Jim Schnoebelen for a guided tour of Hiawatha, allowing them to witness the challenges faced by commuters and businesses as the Tower Terrace Interchange project sits idle.  After the tour, a group of business leaders joined the Department of Transportation employees to discuss various ways the current roadway infrastructure effects the way many businesses operate.

The need and justification for an interchange as soon as possible at Tower Terrace Road is obvious to daily commuters trying to get to and from work, but we rarely hear from businesses who suffer the consequences of underdeveloped infrastructure. This was their chance to stress the importance of this project, and they plan to continue advocating for an earlier commencement of the approved interchange construction project.