WLC Spotlight – Newell Machinery Company

Time and time again Workplace Learning Connection hears from our economic development groups about the importance of future workforce development and the creation of a pipeline. Through the collaborative efforts of Linn County business partners, WLC is proud to have served 15,731 students to date in Linn County through career exploration events, job shadows and internships this year. These experiences support the development and retention of our shared future workforce!

Newell Machinery Company, a WLC business partner since 2014, has been an active supporter of WLC programming: Career Fairs, Speaker Days, Careers on Wheels, and Advancing the Future Tours. “Employee development is critical in today’s business world. A lack of a viable or untrained workforce is the number one limiting factor in our success as a business. In that, we feel that it is our duty to look for ways to support WLC in order for the development of tomorrow’s workforce. Sitting back and not taking an active role is not a viable option. Collaborative efforts with WLC are one of the many steps we take to help steer candidates into our industry.”  Greg Mulherin, Vice President, Newell Machinery Company

Newell Machinery Company is just one example of the many Linn County WLC business partners who contribute to the success of their company, community and future workforce through participation in WLC programming! WLC believes in a vibrant community with a workforce ready for a changing world and we support the next generation as they navigate and connect to our shared future. THANK YOU WLC business partners for making a difference! We cannot do this important work of connection without your help!

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