Starting a New Business

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Business’s Location

Your Market

Are you selling locally, regionally, nationally, online?
Will you rely on your local community to buy your products or services?
Will you require regular transportation of products (by roadway, air or postal service)?

The Competition

Are there competitors in the area that could reduce your chance of profits?
Are there services in the area that could compliment what you are selling?

Planning for Future Expansion

What building and infrastructure requirements will you need for your business to start?
If your business meets its goals or greater, what spatial and infrastructure needs will be required to support continued growth?

Proximity to Suppliers

If regular access to your suppliers is important, will the distance and frequency of travel costs be important to your profitability and location choice?


Financing a business often takes the support of others to get up and running. Grants and loans may be available through the state as well as community utilities like Alliant Energy and MidAmerican Energy.

Local and state tax breaks may also be available to your business. See what’s offered in Hiawatha.

Business Guidance and Support

Hiawatha, Cedar Rapids, and Iowa City offer a variety of supportive entrepreneurial and professional resources for local businesses. As you start a business in Iowa and continue to grow, business and marketing professionals are available to help you prepare and tackle any obstacles or new areas you venture into. There are also opportunities in the area to help your employees gain new skills and advance professionally. Below are several resources to get you started:

Available Properties

Already in love with Hiawatha? We don't blame you, if you're ready to start browsing available locations you can View Properties. Chose from a variety of properties that are currently available.

If you are looking to build your own facility you can talk to one of our Commercial Development Partners about your vision. These partners have done outstanding work in the community and earned our trust.

Why Chose Hiawatha?

The explanation is simple, Hiawatha checks all the boxes. When considering the factors that create a pro-business and pro-growth environment as we did above, it’s not hard to see that Hiawatha mirrors such a place.

Our city is centrally located between Minneapolis, Madison, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, and Omaha.

There’s competition in every industry within Hiawatha that drives growth and innovation, yet, it’s evenly distributed which makes it manageable for less competitive businesses. This type of competitive landscape gives Hiawatha the luxuries of a large market in a local community.

Planning for Future Expansion has never been more comfortable in Hiawatha. The city is actively targeting the accessibility of benefits and resources for businesses and has a bevy of available lots/spaces to offer.

Our central location cannot be stressed enough! When analyzing how a supply-chain will be affected in a new location, you’re likely to scrutinize costs and logistics; however, when you have easy access to large markets, it becomes less and less of an issue.

If you’re still not sold on choosing Hiawatha, read more about our business incentives and tax incentives or contact us with any questions you may have.

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